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The Great Debate: Salt Vs Sugar

Our skin goes through some harsh seasons with humid summer and dry winters, all while we are too busy enjoying the fun. Manual exfoliation can help clear out your pores, smooth your skin and hydrate it. But two options always come to mind when thinking about exfoliation: Salt and Sugar. Your skin is the most exposed organ you have, which means that you should take care of it as best you can. Take a look at the pros that each type of scrub best suits your needs.

Sugar is less abrasive on the skin and is most preferred to be used on the face. The unrefined cane sugar contains calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium that can feed and replenish the skin. The one advantage that this scrub has over sugar is that it doesn’t sting. We have all been there where there was a cut that we didn’t see, or we just shaved our legs, and you rub salt scrub only to feel that familiar sting. However, this product type doesn’t come with its cons. Other than manual exfoliation, the sugar scrubs don’t do much else for the skin. Sure they can remove dead skin cells and help reveal that beautiful glowing skin, but you can’t expect much else.

Salt scrubs do more than just exfoliate your skin; it also has detoxing benefits! Similar to sugar scrubs, salt scrubs buff away those pesky dead skin cells but with a bonus. These scrubs help pull toxins away from the body and even ease anti-inflammation. So if you are often doing athletic activities or are simply trying to detoxify, then the salt scrubs would be your ideal choice. Like our pineapple salt scrub featured below. Enjoy the benefits with a tropical and sweet scent to enhance your relaxation.

Pineapple Florida-Salt-Scrub

Pineapple Florida Salt Scrub – 24.2oz

In the end, we recommend all our salt scrubs for all those added benefits that you didn’t know that you were missing!


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