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St. Patricks Day Fun and Your Skin

What started in Ireland as a way to honor the country’s patron saint has taken the world by a storm both through immigration and secularization to pay tribute to all things Irish. So even though the pandemic has also affected the world there are some things that just won’t change. Shamrocks will be most likely painted on many faces to symbolize the birth of spring and a lot of alcohol will be consumed. Social distancing might have stopped the big parties but these are just some ways that traditions will continue. But with these fun activities your skin is going to need some help.

Alcohol is metabolized from an enzyme in the liver, which releases a byproduct called acetaldehyde. This byproduct is toxic to body tissues. It will make the body tissues and skin to be dehydrated which, by the way, can cause premature aging of the skin. What makes this worse for our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is that from the alcohol menu beer might just be the most offensive to the skin. 

Then there is the face paint. Whether we are making a small shamrock on the skin or just flat out painting our whole face with Irish green, face paint can irritate your skin. The reason behind this is that the face paint prevents the skin from breathing (yes your skin breathes). This will dry out the face and irritate it.

That is where your favorite salt scrub, and glow comes in! After all the fun that can happen on this party holiday you can relax with a nice scrub.Our Florida Salt Scrubs are helpful in maintaining bacteria-free skin and help prevent that itchiness that can come from any body paint. Remove the dead skin off of your face and body while replenishing your skin with a scrub that will smooth out your skin with therapeutic authentic scents. 

Remember dehydration is the main issue that can come with drinking for the skin so throughout the day use our Florida Glow Spray Lotion. Help your skin feel moisturized throughout the celebrations. Constant hydrations boost while drinking water in between can keep your skin feeling amazing. 

In the end enjoy fun in the sun and celebrations with loved ones but don’t neglect your skin needs. With two small changes to your routine with Florida Salt Scrubs you can be enjoying nourished skin for any occasion.


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