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Salt Scrubs Directions

Please find the above easy to reference direction card on how to use our wonderful salt scrub!
Feel free to print this directions card out for quick and easy reference!

Salt Scrub Directions | How to Enjoy Florida Salt Scrubs

How Florida Salt Scrubs are primarily enjoyed:

1) Natural alternative to hand soap by the sink. Florida Salt Scrubs serves as a natural alternative to hand and bar soap by the sink. Fill a small dish with Florida Salt Scrub and put it by your sink. Use a pinch each time you wash your hands instead of chemical or alcohol based pump or bar soap. Real sea salt is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant, while coconut oil is a natural moisturizer.

2) Natural alternative to many shower products. Florida Salt Scrubs serves as a natural alternative to many products you would use in the shower. It can replace body wash, soap, and moisturizer. Notice how clean, fresh and soft your skin feels after using it! Amazing on tired feet!

3) Exfoliation / skin polishing treatment. Florida Salt Scrubs is used in higher end Salons and Spa’s as a natural exfoliation, moisturization, and skin polish treatment.

4) Natural supplementation to Salt Therapy. The Salt Box of Parkland, Florida has chosen Florida Salt Scrubs as their salt scrub of choice to offer their patients undergoing Salt Therapy treatments. This is due to the exceedingly high standards we adhere too in order to maintain the purity and quality of our Florida Salt Scrub line.

5) Natural treatment for scent removal. Florida Salt Scrubs is amazing at removing undesirable scents. If you cook with seafood, garlic or onion just to name a few and would like to remove the undesirable smell, simply use a little bit of your favorite Florida Salt Scrubs to remove the scent. You skin will be left smelling fresh (like the scent you used), clean and feeling wonderfully moisturized.

6) Share with us how you use your favorite scent! Florida Salt Scrubs is a wonderfully smelling, naturally aromatherapudic product with so many uses for the hands, body and feet. It cleans, polishes and moisturizes skin, neutralizes bad smells, helps with shaving (legs), and even helps to keep the mosquitoes away (our Lemongrass scent)! Discover for yourself your own unique use and then please be sure to share it with us. Enjoy!

Salt Scrub Directions

How to use Florida Salt Scrub

How to use Salt Scrub


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