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Coconut Salt Scrub – for the Body, Hands and Feet

(12 customer reviews)


Coconut Salt Scrub. Capture the essence and aroma of the Florida tropics anytime you want through our rich Coconut Salt Scrub.This is a must have salt scrub for Coconut lovers everywhere!


In stock


In stock


In stock

  • Made with Coconut Oil

  • Made with Love in Florida

  • Vegan Products

  • Never Tested on Animals


Authentic Coconut Salt Scrub

For use on: your body, feet and hands
• 100% Coconut Love!
• Non-greasy
• Made with Coconut Oil
• Only salt scrub made with mineral rich, Atlantic sea salt ground down to our very specific extra fine – soft texture (preferred by many over Dead Sea)
• Natural antiseptic and disinfectant
• Made with highest quality ingredients
Coconut  Love!
• Amazing Coconut smell (best smelling pure Coconut salt scrub in existence that we know of)
• Leaves skin feeling soft, all kinds of wonderful and rejuvenated
Spa approved! Our salt scrub is the salt scrub of choice for many salons and spas for use in their salt scrub treatments
• Truly a “must have” by every sink and in every shower
• Vegan
• Does not stain clothes
• Natural wood serving spoon included!

Open the jar and instantly escape to the warm tropical beaches of South Florida and maybe even Key West, through noticing the wonderful Coconut aroma as it awakens your senses. Soon you may feel yourself drifting to a warm, wonderful and relaxing place.

The power of pure mineral rich, extra fine sea salt combined with natural Coconut is used to create this gentle exfoliating salt scrub that will leave your hands and body feeling silky smooth, rejuvenated, and infused with the wonderful lasting aroma and essence of pure Coconut.

Did you know..? Coconut, similar to Vanilla is considered to be a highly relaxing scent!

Like all Florida Salt Scrubs products, our Coconut salt scrub is made from only the HIGHEST quality ingredients.

Perfect for: lovers of Coconut, gifts, weddings, events, and more. Locals here in Florida will often buy several of the 2.9 oz jars for out of town visitors staying with them. Talking about a wonderful and thoughtful way to welcome out of town guests!

How to use your Coconut salt scrub (directions):
1. Open the jar and give contents a stir with supplied spoon.
2. Apply 1 small scoop into the palm of your hand. Gently massage into the skin. If applying to feet, make sure to thoroughly massage it onto the heels. May be used on the entire whole body except face and neck. * Not intended for use on the face and neck.
3. For maximum results, let scrub rest on skin for between 15 seconds and up to 1 minute (no need to go past one minute with our product).
4. Rinse off with warm water.
5. Pat skin dry with a soft towel.


Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Coconut fragrance, and Vanilla extract

Customer Reviews

12 reviews for Coconut Salt Scrub – for the Body, Hands and Feet

  1. Marla Wedgeworth

    I love Florida Salt Scrubs, they are the best scrub out there, I have tried many different scrubs, and this brand is the best, great smell, words great. keeps my body looking great. It is the only thing I shave with. Put on the scrub let it sit for a minute or 2, rinse, and shave, the best shave ever. The only problem I have is that I can not buy it anywhere near me. I live in Kingsville, MO, but I can order it online so all is good.

  2. Pamela Berry

    I love this product. It makes my skin so soft & moisture. I’ve tried many other brands but none compare to these products. I will always use these salt scrubs.

  3. Karleen K Heinz

    When I was a child, my grandma took me to a skin doctor and she was told, I was born with no oil glands. Now mind you, I have never really gone back to see if there is a miracle drug for extremely dry skin just excepted it. Nothing seemed to help, I do not care how many lotions I have tried, nothing helped, sure it would be better but I was still the flaky snake. I now use Florida Sea salts and wow it is a miracle my skin is 85%. It will never be like a normal persons skin but to live with it for over 50 years with it, let me put it this way, you know how your skin feels when it is dry in the winter? I have it like that but all year long and 100% worse. I would recommend salt scrubs. I think everyone should try them

  4. Joanne

    I was given a jar of the coconut salt scrub last Christmas and it has become my favorite for washing my face and neck in the shower. Thanks to the design of the unbreakable jar and cute wooden spoon it is easy to use and safe for slippery hands. It lasts almost forever and seems worth the cost to this frugal Scotswoman.

  5. Julia Labadie

    I am obsessed with this for many reasons!
    1. It leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy
    2. It smells like home. (Bradenton Beach)
    3. I love the salty scrub feeling
    4. It is affordable!
    You should buy this product!!!

  6. Brenda fugitt

    Found this scrub down in the Keys this past week and it is absolutely the best product I have ever tried. Brought some back to NE for gifts. Can’t wait to see and hear what they have to say.


    I fell in love with this product. I have it shipped into Missouri just so I can use it year round. Best product for leaving skin feeling great!!

  8. Linda

    Absolutely love this product, it makes my legs so soft and shine.

  9. Brandy lynch

    I absolutely love it! It does exactly what I want to.. and more!

  10. Gina L Smith

    The first time I used Florida Salt Scrub it was hands down the most luxurious feeling scrub I had ever used in my life. I am and will be a fan and a customer from now forward.

  11. Gina L Smith

    The first time I used Florida Salt Scrub it was hands down the most luxurious feeling scrub I had ever used in my life.

  12. Mrs. Smith

    Been using it for a few years. Love the scrub & the end result!
    Florida Made – woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!

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