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With Integrity, Courage and Love – We Embrace our Vision and Purpose.
That is to create and provide the best Florida skincare products that
people connect with, share as gifts, and love to enjoy.


The fact of the matter is that here at Florida Salt Scrubs we spend more time with our coworkers and retailers then our families. The good news is that we actually get to pick our co-workers and even our retailers! That is why we insist on everyone being nice to each other and respecting each other. No yelling, no bossing people around, no being rude or mean. We look out for one another, and we are always real and upfront. We are always quick to forgive, and we always aim to learn and grow together.


We take pride in our work. We have built our company on a reputation of going the extra mile. Doing the extra thing. Innovating Florida skincare. This reputation is one that is not easy to get, but for those of us that have a strong work ethic, we can honestly say that we don’t know any other way.


Just because you’re at work, it doesn’t have to feel like work. While we always keep an attitude of professionalism and respect, the only thing we really have to take serious is the service we provide and the product supplied to our retailers and customers. We work hard to keep our internal culture relatively informal so that we can have fun. If you go a whole day without laughing at work, then you are doing it wrong.


This core value relates to innovation. We simply want to do more then what was done before. Simply put, make great Florida skincare products even greater. More green, less waste, cruelty free, better for your health, better for the planets health, deeper reflections of the Florida experience. We also are always looking for ways to leverage new technologies, processes and ideas.


Four words you should NEVER hear from a member of our team is “that’s not my job”. This means that we all have a stake in making sure our retailers and customers are always treated right and expectations are properly managed . If we all treat the company as if it’s “our” company, then retailers and customers will never be left wondering who they should ask for help. The answer here is “everyone”.


Our retailers and customers can tell the difference when we look for opportunities to go the extra mile for them. This simple difference between the bare minimum and exceeding expectations is where you forge trust and build loyalty. We look for opportunities in every interaction to build this loyalty by allowing our work ethic to shine through.

This core value speaks to our moral compass. We wouldn’t create products that our own moms wouldn’t like or use or be proud to share as gifts. We also want to share our talents and gifts that we have and use them to give back to our planet and community. After all this is what our moms taught us.


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