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Coral Reef Safe Florida Sunscreen

Hey #FloridaSaltNation!

Did you know Hawaii just passed the Bill 2571, which will ban the marketing and sale of sunscreens that contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, beginning January 1, 2021? The reason of this is due to the fact that these chemicals are harmful for coral reefs and marine life. As Florida locals, we know the importance of taking care of our ocean and marine animals, that’s why none of our sunscreens contain these nasty, harmful chemicals! But we also know the importance of protecting your skin! That’s why all of our sunscreens are formulated for the strongest Florida sun and contain coconut-oil to nourish your skin!

Reef Safe Sunscreen

We offer three sunscreens – Florida Grown SPF 15, Florida Snowbird SPF 30, and Florida Cruiser SPF 50

Florida Sunscreen Combo Pack

Our quest since we were founded in the Florida Keys in 2012 has been focused on creating regional, all-natural coconut oil based skin care products to help people just like you experience increasingly wonderful skin.  Not just that, but our mission is also tied in with creating products that have the capability to induce and evoke fond memories and reminders of our wonderful “sunshine state”.  There are plenty of locals who love it here and beloved tourists who love to visit (especially during Winter!). It seems like just about everyone these days has a connection to Florida and wants to take a piece of it home.  We are committed to sourcing premium quality ingredients from Florida, engaging in green initiatives, staying up to date on the industry best practices, and never testing on animals.



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