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We are the original Florida Salt Scrub company that has since expanded into several Florida inspired, coconut oil based, skin care products.

Working together with local partners and ingredients supplied by mother nature, our globally renowned salt scrubs and premium quality skin care products are crafted with care using our own original recipes. These recipes have never been shared until now. For good reason too, because to our knowledge, there are no other salt scrubs and or skin care products available made quite like the way we have ours. For example, take a brief moment to consider the journey that a single jar of our authentic Florida Salt Scrubs goes through to arrive in your hands. . . It all starts with sourcing pure mineral rich sea salt crystals.


After our beautiful salt has been harvested and delivered in pristine condition, the arduous process of grinding it down to the perfect ultra fine crystal size begins. This is important so that our salt scrub feels soft and smooth, and maximizes the delivery of important minerals to the skin. It’s those minerals contained within the sustainably sourced sea salts found in our scrubs that will help keep your hands, feet, and body so wonderfully smooth.

From there we turn to the natural plant world found here in beautiful Florida for inspiration where we gently mix the salt with no more than a few carefully chosen ingredients.

By doing so, we get a combination that creates an absolutely wonderful cleansing and aromatic experience that even words are challenged to describe. It truly is one of those things you have to experience for yourself.

Whether it’s our 100% all natural Key Lime, Orange, Coconut-MangoGrapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass, or wonderfully superb Coconut, and Vanilla salt scrub, you are sure to find a scent that you connect with and that feels right. Many people will keep their favorite large jar scent in their shower, and smaller ones in each bathroom, and lets not forget about the one by the kitchen sink!

Buy now, as you may have guessed, it’s quite a process to create a batch of the Florida Salt Scrubs – Sea Salt Scrub, and that goes as well for our Florida Glow – Spray Lotion, Florida Kiss – Lip Balm, as well as our Hand Made – Soap. We continue to do so because we believe: you are worth it, you deserve it and you will appreciate it.


• We are creators of wonderful Florida regional
skincare products

• Supporters of several environmental and
animal rights groups

• Believers that natural is the better choice

• Committed to creating and offering only the
purest and highest quality skincare products

• Committed to sustainable practices as they are
a priority in every aspect of our business

• Committed to maximizing recycled content
and recyclability of our packaging

• Fresh From Florida recognized


• All products are made with only premium
quality ingredients.

• We do this because we believe that a product
is only a wonderful as the ingredients used to
make it. It takes premium quality ingredients
to make premium quality products.

• Are made with love in Florida and USA

• Are created around Aromatherapy principles
(smell absolutely wonderful)

• Are NOT made with any artificial colors, fillers,
stabilizers or preservatives

• Are cruelty free and NEVER tested on animals


• All Salt Scrubs are Coconut Oil based

• Are crafted using premium artesian Atlantic
Sea Salt pulverized to a very specific grain size
intended to maximize mineral absorption and

• Exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin beautifully

• Are natural antiseptics and disinfectants

• Are non-greasy – they rinse and towel off clean


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