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8 New Wonderful Ways To Enjoy FSS

Here at Florida Salt Scrubs, we take pride in sourcing quality, all-natural Florida inspired ingredients to make our wonderful skincare products. In 2012, our Founder and President, crafted, tested and perfected the blend of our salt scrubs right from his kitchen to a blend that has the finest sea salt mixed with the perfect amount of coconut oil and tropical scents. Since then, we’ve expanded (out of the kitchen) to making other amazing coconut-oil Florida-inspired skincare products. Our Florida Glow is a spray-on moisturizing lotion made with coconut oil and aroma-therapeutic essential oils. While many people think of a salt scrub or lotion as just something they put on their skin, there are actually a lot of other uses that may not seem so obvious.  Together, lets now explore some of those…

Here are 8 unconventional uses of Florida Salt Scrubs and Florida Glow:

  1. Massage Oil – Coconut oil is a soothing and conditioning massage oil. Add a couple of drops of Vanilla Florida Glow or Coconut Mango Florida Glow to help heal sore muscles and stimulate mindful relaxation.
  2. Mend Your Dog’s Paws – Dogs’ paws can become cracked and raw from walking on concrete and just being outdoors. Rub a little Florida Glow on your dog’s paws—it’ll function as both an antiseptic and moisturizer to help them heal. While coconut oil has been shown to be safe for dogs, you should check with your vet first before using it if your pup has a health condition.
  3. Insect Repellent – Use our Lemongrass Florida Glow as a mosquito repellent.  This is a safe, all-natural alternative to insect repellent spray, and can be applied safely on all areas of the body.
  4. Makeup Brush Cleaner – Make up brushes can carry a lot of built-up harmful bacteria. Rub Florida Glow on your makeup brushes and leave them for 1–2 hours in order to disinfect them. Then wash thoroughly and let air dry.
  5. After Tattoo Care – The proteins of coconut oil repair damaged cells at a normal, healthy rate throughout the healing process. When your tattoo begins to peel, apply a light layer of Florida Glow to moisturize the dry skin.
  6. Remove Odor – Whether you’re cooking with garlic, spent a day on the water fishing, or cutting grass in the backyard, it’s hard to get certain smells off your hands. With Florida Salt Scrubs, it completely removes the worst odors from your hands and skin. Wash your hands and skin with Florida Salt Scrubs, scoop out a spoonful of scrub, scrub your hands together, then rinse off and dry. Your hands and skin will be smelling and feeling like paradise without any traces left behind of fish, garlic, gas or motor oil!
  7. Beard Oil For the manly man who wants to be well groomed and still look and smell good – our Florida Glow is the perfect beard oil! The coconut oil helps tame the beard, keep it looking shiny and in place – but isn’t oil so it won’t stain or get on your clothes. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer for your skin and helps prevent grown hairs, so it’s great to use when shaving as well.
  8. The Perfect Gift – Let’s face it – picking out the perfect gift can be tough. Sure you can get Mom a sweater, but what if you get her the wrong size? There’s always a bouquet of flowers to give – but do you want to give a gift that just dies within a week or so!?  What if you could give a gift that not only makes someone smile from their favorite Florida memories but also helps their skin? From our Florida Glow Moisturizing Spray Lotion to Florida Handmade Soap, we have something for everyone! Florida Salt Scrubs make a perfect gift! Who doesn’t love a little bit of Florida? Share a jar of Florida Salt Scrubs or a bottle of Florida Glow Spray Lotion and Florida Kiss SPF Lip Balm with someone you care about today! We promise it will make them smile! Take a look at all of our products here! 

We love hearing from you on your favorite ways you use our products and what you love most about them! Let us know! 

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